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Color stick to fill the engraved lettering

Color stick to fill the engraved lettering

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Color to fill the engravings with bright colors to give contrast and make even the smallest engravings visible.

It rubs easily so it gets into the incision and dries quickly. The paint remains flexible, expands and contracts with the surface, for a quality and long-lasting color. With these handy sticks there is very little waste and they do not stain like normal paints. The color resists temperatures of 260 °.

These colors are used in many applications: sporting goods, trophies, engravings, automotive, aftermarket, electronics.

We can use these extraordinary sticks to color engravings on weapons, on plastic, ceramics, computer components, appliances, plates, tools, dials ... In order to apply them it is important that the engraved strokes have a fair depth compared to the width of the stroke so to allow the color to take hold permanently within the incision itself.

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