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Closing door (Safety cover) Magic-E4 and E7

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The MAGIC E4 and E7 engraving machines have been approved and comply with CE regulations without the need for a closing door, present instead in the previous models. In any case, we have designed a Safery Cover to close the machine while it is working in order to further guarantee maximum safety and compliance with occupational health and safety regulations.

The Safety cover is made of resistant and durable materials which guarantee operator protection and maximum machine efficiency.

The Safety cover for MAGIC E4 and E7 engraving machines is easy to install and can be easily disassembled, even for cleaning and maintenance. The product has been designed to ensure easy accessibility to the machine and its components, without compromising operator safety.

If you prefer to have the machine enclosed with a reliable and durable safety device for your MAGIC E4 or E7 engraving machine, the Safety cover is definitely the right choice.