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MAGIC S7 jewelry engraving machine

MAGIC S7 jewelry engraving machine

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Magic S7 (MS7) is the ideal machine for engraving writings , drawings and photos on jewels, medals, rings, watches, pens and metal objects.

The machine engraves on the surface and on curved or irregular surfaces, it also engraves the inside and outside of rings and round bracelets thanks to the special rotary device. The incision is made by scratching with a diamond-tipped tool.

Thanks to the integrated video camera it is easy to position the engraving on the object to be customized, a laser spot shows a preview where the engraving will take place and allows you to move the area to be engraved using directly with the darts of the machine panel.

  • Work area 112x100x39 mm.
  • It engraves objects up to 60 mm thick
  • Ring or bracelet diameter to be engraved up to 80 mm.
  • Diamond tipped tool, floating head with adjustable pressure
  • Laser pointer and video camera for perfect positioning of the engraving
  • LCD display
  • Overall dimensions 402x376x352 mm.
  • Weight 26 kg. Consumption 25W.
  • Windows software supplied to drive the machine from a PC via USB port
  • Bluetooth

The MS7 engraving machine is the best solution to personalize jewels, costume jewelery, tags and gift items directly in the shop.

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