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MAGIC S4 engraving machine

MAGIC S4 engraving machine

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Machine for engraving writings , drawings and photos on metal plates and objects using a diamond tool.

The machine scratches any metal with a diamond tip, the engraving is performed both flat and on curved or irregular surfaces.

  • Work area 213x161x39 mm.
  • Sensor for automatic height and inclination measurement of the surface to be engraved.
  • Video camera for accurate and interactive positioning of the engraving on the object
  • Overall dimensions 402x376x352 mm.
  • Weight 24 kg. Consumption 24W.
  • Floating mandrel for scratch engravings
  • Windows software supplied to drive the machine from a PC via USB port
  • LCD display
  • Bluetooth

The MAGIC S4 (MS4) engraving machine is perfect for engraving tags, medals and for personalizing jewelry, costume jewelery and gift items.

The price includes remote training and after-sales technical assistance.

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