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Tray for cutting metal with CNC milling machine

Tray for cutting metal with CNC milling machine

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Cutting area

Table for cutting metal sheets using a CNC milling machine (Brass, Bronze, Gold, Silver, ..). This table has been designed to make jewels by cutting names and pendants, in gold and silver, from a plate with a CNC cutter.

The top has a sacrificial plastic base on the bottom, useful for when the tool cuts metal. Through 4 adjustable brackets the metal plate remains stationary without the need to use double-sided tape. The top is actually an aluminum tank made from solid in which you can put the lubricant to allow a better cut by minimizing tool wear. A liquid can be inserted into the tank so that the precious metal shavings do not come out and are therefore not dispersed. 

This CNC cutting accessory is available in 2 sizes to adapt to various customer needs, it can be fixed directly in the CNC machine vice or it can be fixed with brackets on machines that do not have a vice.

The thickness of the top is only 15 mm, which makes it also installable on a CNC machine with very little Z stroke.

Perfect for MAGIC, Roland DG, Gravograph engraving machines, and for many other brands of machines. 

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