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Plastic laminate to engrave (for interiors)

Plastic laminate to engrave (for interiors)

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Flexible plastic material (ABS) to be engraved by removal with a rotary cutter / burin tool. The material has a thin colored coating on the surface that can be removed by engraving with a minimum depth and is therefore suitable for engraving even very small writings and for processing rich in complex details.

The anti-glare surface allows you to create tags with clear and easy-to-read writings and drawings highlighting even the smallest details.


  • Interior signage
  • Badges for companies, events, hotels
  • Trophy tags
  • Safety signs
  • Information plates
  • Fixed asset tags

Sheet with a thickness of 1.6 mm, available in various color combinations.

The slab can be easily cut with a shears or circular saw. 

Not suitable for laser processing.

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