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IM96 DLP FULL HD 3D Printer - Used in Show room

IM96 DLP FULL HD 3D Printer - Used in Show room

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Second-hand CARIMA IM96 3D printer, used for demonstrations in the PCube Show Room.

Technical characteristics and equipment:

  • Working volume 96x54x130 mm.
  • Carima slicer software to manage STL files and media.
  • XY resolution of 50 µm - Z resolution of 25/50/100 µm
  • 405nm UV LED light source with 1920x1080 pixel resolution
  • Input file stl/obj/3ds/amf
  • Dimensions 310x340x590 mm. Weight 22 kg
  • Touchscreen with independent interface
  • Cleaning Kit

The CARIMA IM96 3D printer allows you to quickly, precisely and economically produce models designed with any 3D CAD system. With IM96 it is possible to produce functional models or to show to customers or create masters to make silicone rubber molds or models to be used in microfusion to obtain the object directly in metal. This extraordinary 3D printer therefore allows you to create jewelery models to be "transformed" directly into precious metal using the lost wax casting technique.

CARIMA IM96 is equipped with CARIMA Slicer , a 3D drawing management software that allows you to organize production with great ease.

There is the possibility of piloting this 3D printer also with other software, for example CHITUBOX Pro .

IM96 is equipped with a touch screen that allows the operator to load the processing, set the processing parameters and send the processing to the machine.

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