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M30P engraving machine

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M30P mini CNC machine (occasion * OPENBOX)

* OPENBOX = Equipment with full guarantee, the box of which has been opened to show or test the equipment contained in it.

Work area 300x187x38.5, Overall dimensions 470x280x390 mm, weight 28.5 Kg.

Floating spindle head with integrated springing for scratch engraving, spindle with motor from 0 to 15,000 revolutions of 27 W for tools with 4 mm diameter shank.

Flat and long surface engraving, automatic measurement of the height of the surface to be engraved, laser spot for previewing the area to be engraved.

Top with threaded holes on which to fix objects and plates using the supplied brackets and brackets.

Safety flap with sensor that allows you to engrave only with the machine completely closed.

Automatic tool length measurement sensor.

It can be interfaced with any Windows computer through the software in Italian and the USB cable supplied.

The software allows you to program the writings, drawings and photos to be engraved.

Supplied with the M30P machine:
- 1 USB stick with windows software
- 2 scratch engraving tools + 2 removal engraving tools
- 3 spare spindle belts
- 3 tool locking screws
- 1 key to fix the tool
- 1 set of brackets, screws and key to fix the plates on the machine surface
- 1 ruler
- 1 USB cable
- 1 power supply with cable for 220V
- 1 manual